rupert town green

The “Rupert Town Green” is the 13.5-acre property across from the cemetery on Route 153 in the village of Rupert, which the town acquired in 2015. Below is a map of the property boundaries. Most of the property – 11.5 acres – is conserved under an agreement with the Vermont Land Trust. It will remain open and undeveloped, preserving the view of the mountains to the southeast.


Town Green Map

The Town has engaged Ray Smith to create an overall plan for the green, which includes a parking lot, a bulletin board style information kiosk, a sign, picnic tables, trees, and a path meandering around the property. We also received a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to create a Wayside Exhibit, which will feature historical, geographical, and environmental information about the area. Once these basic features are established, we will add, benches along the path, a gazebo or pavillion-type of structure, more plantings, and eventually playground equipment.

The Town Green Committee, co-chaired by Mark Lourie and Jane Davies, is a loosely-formed group of residents who have volunteered their time to establish a plan for the Green. As we move forward, the committee will be recruiting others to help in implementing those plans.

If you would like to be involved, volunteer your time or your ideas, contact Jane Davies.