The fire department started in 1950. The community building on Route 153 was built in 1976 and the addition was added in 2005. We have been doing the carnival since 1952.

(802) 394-7844

Our monthly meeting is the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 at the Fire Hall/Community Building.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can obtain an application from a member. Submit your application at a regular meeting, meet with Trustees, and get voted the following meeting. We recommend new members to take Firefighter I and do in-house training.

Bob Bain

Makayla Barton

Bryan Ferguson

Angela Fisher

George Fisher—2nd Assistant Chief

Jonathan Fisher

Larry Golub

Dan Grover

Ed Lewis

George Lewis—Chief    394-2491

Jimmy-joe Lewis—1st Assistant Chief

Kelly Lewis—Secretary   394-0035

Melinda Lewis

Michael Lewis

Savannah Lewis

Travis Lewis

Tyler Lewis

Brett Lourie

Mark Lourie

Matt Lourie

Mike Lourie—Treasurer

Nick Mackey

Tim Mackey

John McKeighan

Nichol McKeighan

Joe McNealus

Grace Morey

John Morey

Merritt Morey

Nathaniel Mychack

Paul Mychack—President

Phyllis Mychack

Brendan Ricketts

Malachi Schnaderbeck

Bill Wood